Sir L. a contemporary painter

Nouveau classicisme

SIR L. is the initiator and spokesman of NOUVEAU CLASSICISME (new classicism). He has organised numerous declarative exhibitions : Classicism and Realism at Present, Realism and Imageries, Crisis, The Answer Is Man.

He is the author of theoretical texts : "Modernity and Modernism", "Learned Painting Available to Everyone", "Painting for the General Public".

"Primarily, art has to represent ways of thinking and basic emotions, visions of the world of the different human communities in a language that can be understood. The expression of the artist’s own feelings and sensations, his ego and its manifestation being second to the visions of the world"

SIR L. "Modernité et modernisme",1989
Préface au catalogue "Classicismes et Réalismes, d’une génération l’autre"

"..It is high time to put oneself into a state of communication like the classics, that is to say into a painting of people’s feeling (totally unlike vain imitation of folk art) people meaning here the greatest number...One will have to comfort oneself by going back to the trade which takes into account time and the applied study of art, forget the artistic gadget fad, "the avant-garde" at all costs in order to revert to the meaning of art. The condition, thus, might well be met to let oneself be carried by the powerful and maddening attractions-repulsions of this world intent on the search of great painting of people’s feeling that proclaims like Oedipus to the Sphinx: "The answer is Man"...".

SIR L. Deuxième Manifeste "Pour une peinture de sentiment populaire", 1982